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Experience driven design. The focus on the emotional element when creating an environment. Flow. Function. Playfulness. Joy. People will always remember an environment based on how it made them feel. Highlighting elements often overlooked in everyday life offer a deeper experience and connection that allow for transformation and an opportunity to rethink one's everyday environment. Take for example the benign task of opening a door, now revision the experience from start to finish, take a moment to notice the door, feel its handle pause for a moment to think, close your eyes if needed, what could be on the other side of this door?, nothing is too fantastical, now open the door, what do you see? Now take a moment and think about how you can recreate your experience for someone who is not approaching the door in a focused state. This is an opportunity to enchant. Every door, window, hallway is an opportunity to create a moment of excitement, no matter where you're located on the globe. A door handle unlocks and opens into a new room, each moment offers an opportunity to educate someone on the beauty and mystery of everyday life. Simple tasks become extraordinary. Helping people revision what is possible in their everyday lives and will inspire creativity and growth. They will never forget how you made them feel. 

It's not the location that matters, its how you make people feel experiencing that location. 





Home Staging/ Organization

Vacation Rental Styling

Website Creation/ Design

Monthly/ Quarterly Newsletters


Graphic Design + Printed Materials



Jon Hite


tel. (805) 550.1774

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